What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?

Yoga has been recognized worldwide as a way of life to maintain optimum health and fitness of body and mind. In spite of the wide spread recognition of yoga, there may arise confusions in the mind of what is true yoga.

Yoga is not about twisting the body and doing gymnastic feats. Neither has it to do with psychic powers and its display. Many uninformed people get deluded when they see tricks, magic and various siddhis (or supernatural powers) and associate it with yoga. This is wrong understanding of yoga. Yoga has nothing to do with these tricks, magic, psychic powers or gymnastics. Instead, Yoga is a systematic method to achieve harmony of body, breath, mind and soul.

Yoga can be thought of as a scientific method to explore the full potential of a human being. It not only harmonizes one’s interaction with the external world, but also balances our internal world, resulting in peace and awareness of mind; the final goal being experiencing one’s oneness with the Cosmic Consciousness.

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